Friday, September 2, 2011

Boredom? What's that??

While pondering my boredom...because you know I don't have enough to do in my life, I realized that in a few short years, I will miss all of this chaos? What on earth will I do with my time? What happens when you don't have to rearrange your entire week to schedule 7 dr visits? What happens when my phone will no longer remind me that it is time to make 7 dentist appointments, eye appointments, schedule teacher conferences, etc...What will I do with my evenings when I am not driving clear to another city to take my daughter to her choice of Elite Cheer gym, directly after her school cheer practice? Only to rush back to get my niece to her Volleyball practice in town on time...Laundry for 2? What is that? Not having to scrub the bathroom daily because someones aim is off? Not having to sweep the floor 4 times a day, or clean jelly off the back splash? No more clear Popsicle wrappers placed randomly around the house, or in the couch? No more reason to make multiple trips around the entire house to turn off lights, TV's, radios, video games, or straighteners? To be honest, I will probably turn into a complete couch potato because I will have no idea how to function! I will look like some comatose woman, sitting on the couch flipping through all of the channels because I don't think I've ever just got to watch what I want to watch, without the echo of Yo Gabba Gabba, or Family Guy coming from the very next room.

Actually, it's really depressing to know that this will all end soon. It will be so different as one after another leaves for college over the next few years. I forget what it's like to only make dinner for a couple of kids, what do you mean you can't eat 5 lbs of hamburger? The grocery bill will be one of many perks; as of now we are going through at least 2 gallons of milk and 2 loaves of bread a day. Pancakes for breakfast? One entire box, and I worry that I will have to open another. A batch of chicken salad lasts almost an entire day, 3 cases of Ramen noodles for a week...the list goes on. On a brighter note, the 3 youngest will someday know the greatness of having their own rooms! Which is a major complaint/accomplishment around here, of course.

For a few years we will be rearranging and driving all over to cover College football games, and still maintaining our schedule here...but that too will end. Right now with T cheering on two different teams, Big C and H on the same football team, and H seeing some time on JV as well (which is Saturday morning), N is in Volleyball, T also has a job and without her license means we are transporting, we are pretty busy, but I love busy and hate it all in the same breath. I guess I will just have to wait on grand kids for it to start all over again.

D isn't interested in anything other than the girlfriend right now, and Little M just finished up 2 (back to back) seasons of baseball...Little C will enter the mix next year with T ball...I guess I have a few more years to go crazy...but I will sincerely miss all of this. I will miss random kids in the neighborhood walking into our house just "because". I will miss the kids saying "Hi Mommy J Wow" lol (which is the most awesome nickname of any of the moms in this town) I love that my kids are comfortable bringing their friends here, I love that their friends stop by and talk to us...But someday, sooner than we can all even imagine, these kids will have their own families...They will be taking their kids to practice, and making dinner for their family. I can only cross my fingers and hope that they will be wonderful parents, and common sense will soon find most of them...Which I'm sure my mother wished for me...I think it found me...but then again who knows!?

Until next time,

My Mixed up Family of 9

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