Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life and Potty Training

So I am still adjusting to the "Stay At Home Mom" life. Hoping to get more of a schedule established. I never realized how hard it would be to establish a schedule for myself. I can schedule the kids; chores, laundry days, practice, homework, etc. but getting myself on a schedule, with my chores and things that I need to deal with and get done, is proving a much bigger feat. I think it may be mindset, for the most part, getting over the "day off" mindset will be the first thing that needs to be tackled. I have taken to detailing one room or one area of a room every day. Realizing that this is indeed my "job" now, I just don't get paid, there's no review, no raise, and they can't really fire me, that is going to be the hard part, lol.

I am currently trying to get Little C potty trained...yes it's a little late, but obviously with the day care life, along with running around for all of the other kids, it kind of got pushed to the back burner. My daughter was awesome when it came to potty training. It took only about an hour to train her. Years ago when was a single mom, it was an afternoon, the day I got paid and I only had 2 diapers left, and 3 kids needed changing? I had a few hours before I could go and pick up my check. Ugghhh...remembering those days makes me sad. Of course the 2 little kids got the diapers, and she got "panties" (M was just an infant, D was one, and she was 2 1/2). She was so proud to put on those big girl panties! I was expecting an accident, but thought, hey she's happy, maybe this will work!

About 30 minutes later, I hear SCREAMING, not squealing, all out SCREAMING!! I ran in the bedroom, because of course some lion has come through the window, or a masked man was trying to take her away, of course all of those things were going through my head as I am running like a crazy person to the bedroom-she screamed THAT loud! I finally get to the bedroom, and there she is, standing bow legged, like she had been riding a horse for a week, pee running down her leg, tears rolling down her cheeks. Guess what? She never had another accident! It was that easy with her.

The boys on the other hand were a different story. When D was about 3 years old, he loved to watch TV, which he still does, he would get so involved with watching TV that he was absolutely not going to miss 2 minutes of that show to go to the bathroom. He would pee on the floor (in the corner), once he even peed in the toy box!! Little M, would pull it out and pee outsideor where ever we were, common words out of my mouth "Hey! Pull your pants up!" "Get that thing back in your pants!"...I tell ya, potty training has always been a thorn in my side.

I know these aren't ideal things to share, but I guarantee one of these things, if not all of them, have happened or will happen in your house. Heck, there are five teenagers here, and I wonder about the potty training issues they still have to this day. Pee goes IN the toilet, not ON the rim, not on the back of the toilet, not on the floor, IN the toilet! Just to prove a point, I will share the next story; about 6 months ago I went into Big C and H's room looking for something, and seen an apple juice bottle, not a single serving bottle, the BIG ones you buy from the grocery store. Not out of the ordinary for a 17 yr old kid, as big as he is, to drink a full one of those, so no problem right? Wrong!

After coming downstairs, a few minutes later, H asked me to go to the store to get juice or something, and I said, "well your brother has a full thing of Apple Juice upstairs, tell him to give you some." The answer H gave me almost made me see red flaming horses galloping through my house! "uhhh no, that's not apple juice." WHAT????? Yes you guessed it...this kid, instead of getting up and going to the bathroom, was peeing in this apple juice bottle, and it was still sitting in his room!! me parents...things will happen in your house, that if you ever find out about it, you will have a hard time believing it, other people will not believe it. People will judge you when you tell them., but it's OK. I have good kids...they just have a tendency to do stupid things, as all children do...I'm just willing to share a little more than most !

Until Next Time,

My Mixed up Family of 9


  1. Ugh. Potty training. I've been pt-ing for about 6 years straight. Currently, it's my 2 1/2 year old. In a year or so it will be the baby. And then I think I'll be done. Hooray!!! Though, with 5 boys, I can already tell there will be dozens (if not thousands) of "aiming" lectures and -gag- homemade urinals. This may be the one are where girls are easier. =P

  2. LMBO!!! potty training is fun isn't it!!! I didn't have to deal with boys just 3girls!! well still dealing with #3. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!!