PR Friendly

I am a very open, out-going and approachable person, please do not hesitate to contact me about reviewing ANY products or with any questions!

As an up and coming blogger, I am reaching a wide variety of people from all other on a daily basis! I currently have over 1100 fans on facebook and average weekly reach of over 300 and growing! I have only had a twitter account for a week and have over 100 followers!

Have an item that you would like reviewed?  Reviews are a great way to get the "hype" out about your product! Sponsoring a review or give away on a mom blog that receives ample traffic, comprised of the everyday consumers that are purchasing products and services - just like yours! - is a great way for your company to get exposure - not just during the holiday season - but all year long!
A review will include an honest opinion, but the opinions of every age appropriate person in my large household! Being a Mixed Up Family of 9 has it's advantages in the department of opinions! My family consists of two adults, and 7 children; 17 y/o male, 16 y/o female, 16 y/o male, 15 y/o male, 14 y/o male, 10 y/o female and a 3 y/o male. My brood has a wide variety of interests; food, make-up, clothing, toys, athletics such as football, wrestling, cheerleading, baseball, softball, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, etc, video gamers from the beginner to the pro, cards, games, books, learning tools, decorating and many other interests!

Give-A-Ways will be held for as long as you choose, or I can choose if that's what you choose, using Raffle-Copter with pre-determined requirements by you (standard would be liking your company/product facebook page and following on twitter and any other requirements you deem appropriate not limited to sharing the give-a-way, commenting on your page, etc).

I promote all of my blog posts on my facebook business page, twitter account, personal account, and possibly on my other 3 business pages on facebook and twitter if deemed appropriate.

It Is Not All Fun and Games

If you are not familiar with blogger marketing and you're thinking, "So, I'm supposed to send you a product to review for free AND let you give one away, too? No way!" Well, first of all, you're a bit behind the times and a tad out of the loop. Let me bring you up to speed...

Managing reviews and giveaways is a lot of work!

There is the initial contact with the company, providing stats from the blog, and essentially "negotiating" whether you are interested in sponsoring a review or a giveaway or both. Then, I spend my time trying out the product and gathering my own, my children's and my SO's thoughts and opinions. I will then sit down and compose a great post with images of your product, my family using your product, tweet and post it to Facebook, promote it through emails, giveaway forums and word-of-mouth not only on social media sites, but also in my every day life with other mom's at play dates, cheerleading practices, wrestling practices, games, etc. If you are lucky and my children like your product as well, well the whole world will know (: especially in teenager world!

I also keep track of the deadline, run a number selection for the winner(s), contact the winneror winners  to get mailing information to mail the product(s) to  I then will send an email to you/the company to let you/them know who the winner(s) is/are and pass on the address(es). Then I will post winners to all of my social media sites and add "CLOSED" to the original post. I'm sure I left some things out, but you get the idea (:

At this time, I do not ask for any additional monetary compensation for the work that I do, other than that the product that is being reviewed will not be returned. If for any reason in the future I do start requesting monetary compensation, all companies will have that information up front.


Are you sold on the real life reach of Mommy Bloggers?  Contact me to discuss the different methods of promotion and advertising that is offered at My Mixed Up Family of 9.

Please Contact me with the following information.
  • Company Name
  • Company Bio
  • Website/ Facebook Page
  • Logo
  • Product for Review
  • If you will be providing a Giveaway item (Highly recommended)
*Product reviews do require a product sample that will not be returned.

If you have a product you would like to Giveaway –

Contact Me with the following information:
Company Name
Company Bio
Website/FB Page
Product to Giveaway including a picture
Information about the Giveaway
I will post all your information, host the giveaway, and chose a winner through Random.Org. I will then contact you to let you know who won and give you their information so that you can send them their prize. (It must be sent out within 30 days) *Note- If I have not reviewed one of your products, a fee may apply.


My Mixed Up Family of 9 is solely an expression of my personal (and my children's and SO's, on occasion) views, thoughts, ideas, and concerns. I may review or giveaway a product on Mommy Rantings, however I normally do not request compensation for my blog posts. Companies may send a product to review or offer a product for giveaway, and this will be noted clearly in the post. 

If I were to ever receive monetary compensation for a blog post, I promise that I will make it clear in that post, as well (according to FCC guidelines). I hardly believe that this will be the case, as I strive to offer my advice, opinions, and ideas without expecting anything but happy followers and new relationships with other parents. Thanks for visiting! Come back soon!